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The Bay St. Louis Police Department proudly serves our community, upholding the highest standards of duty, professionalism and integrity. Our Officers are honored to serve and protect the citizens of Bay St. Louis and continuously strive to positively engage with all who are here, no matter the circumstances. If you have an emergency, DIAL “911”.  For non-emergent issues or to report a crime, please contact dispatch at 228-255-9191, so an Officer can respond to assist. Police reports have to be done in person, with an officer. We are here to work with and for you in order to keep our beautiful city “A Place Apart”. 

Our newly built department is located at 547 Main Street.  Our lobby is open to the public from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.  

The Bay St. Louis Police Department employs 31 full-time officers, a clerical assistant, animal control officer, and our service dog Max. Divisions include Patrol, Warrants, Criminal Investigative Division (CID), a robust Community Engagement program, and positions on the Hancock County Narcotics Task Force and the Department of Justice (DOJ) Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Task Force. Patrol operates off of three 12-hour shifts to include Day Shift, Swing Shift, and Night Shift. 


  • CASA Participant
  • Hope Haven Children’s Advocacy Center Participant
  • Motorcycle Motorcade Service 
  • Chief’s Advisory Council
  • Operation Co-Pilot (Ride Along Program)
  • Mississippi Office of Highway Safety (MOHS) Participant   
  • Mississippi Office of Homeland Security/License Plate Reader Participant
  • Community Engagement Partnerships (Boys & Girls Club; 4H Community Garden, Hancock County Senior’s Community Center; Concerned Citizen’s Committee; Bay/Waveland School District)

Not only do we protect and serve, but we strive to be involved with our community and keep it safe through its partnerships and programs. The department will be working towards state accreditation and completion in the 2025 calendar year. For remarks and comments, please feel free to use our “Thank an Officer” tab on the left-hand column of this page. Thank you for visiting our website and seeing why or city is truly “A Place Apart”.

Chief J. Toby Schwartz


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Can I receive legal advice from an officer / staff member?

No. Although we are here to assist the public and enforce laws, we cannot advise you on how to legally proceed, no matter the issue. For this, contact a lawyer. 

Can I report something anonymously?

Yes. Anonymous tips can be given via phone directly to our department or through the Crime Stoppers website.

Can I speak directly to a specific officer?

Yes. We will have to send an email requesting a callback for you due to our officer’s work schedules and the potential of them being on a current call if on shift.

Do I need a permit for my golf cart or low speed vehicle?

The city has an ordinance for golf carts and low speed vehicles which allows the use on public streets.  However, the ordinance requires the owner of EVERY golf cart or low speed vehicle to be operated on a public street or road SHALL be required to register the vehicle with the City of Bay St. Louis by September 30 of each year.

How do I obtain a police report?

Come in person or do a mail in request with associated fees and return address / email. Reports are submitted and approved, typically, within 3-10 business days. This is dependent on how many reports are being generated.

How do I pay a traffic ticket?

All fines, including traffic citations, are paid to the court department. Payments can be accepted by phone, in person, or online.

Is there a charge for a police report?

  • Yes, incident reports and private property accidents are $15

Public roadway accident reports are $25

What is the difference in a civil and criminal act and why does thit matter?

Civil cases are typically disagreements between individuals and organizations (familial issues with no court orders,  purchases and exchanges of monies, evictions). Criminal cases allege a violation of a criminal law. We handle criminal acts and can make complaint reports regarding civil matters; however, we cannot take enforcement action with civil matters. 

What phone number should I call for an emergency?

Call 911.

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