Planning & Zoning

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The Bay Saint Louis Zoning Department assists in ensuring the Bay St Louis matures safely, efficiently, and attractively and strives to achieve quality developments, enhancing the characteristics of life for our residents, visitors, and business community.

The Zoning Department is responsible for the development of plans and regulations that result in thriving and livable neighborhoods, efficient buildings, and enhanced economic development opportunities.

Zoning activities include but are not limited to, residential, commercial, and industrial land use development ordinances, business licenses, zoning determinations, site plans, and subdivision reviews.

The Zoning Department works hand in hand with citizens, the business community, the Bay St Louis  Administration, the City Council, the Building Department, and the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can one live in an RV or camper on a lot in Bay St Louis?

No.  Living in an RV or camper on a lot in Bay St Louis is not permitted.  You can only use RVs or campers as temporary dwellings in designated RV parks or camper grounds that have a Bay St Louis business license. 

How tall can a fence be at a house?

Fences in residential areas cannot be taller than six feet.

What are the required setbacks for a typical single-family house in Bay St Louis?

The minimum front yard setback is 25 feet, the minimum side yard setback is 8 feet, and the minimum rear yard setback is 20 feet, except for when the lot is on a canal, in which case the rear yard setback may be 10 feet.

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