Election & Voting

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Voting is very important to the forward movement of our city. Please see the resources below for registering, election districts and more.  Please note: voter identification is required for all elections.


Ward One:  750 Blue Meadow Road (Bay High School)

Ward Two: 312 Highway 90 (Bay St. Louis Library)

Ward Three:  601 Bookter Street (Hancock Senior Center)

Ward Four:  912 South Beach Blvd. (Christ Episcopal Church)

Ward Five:  645 Green Meadow Road (American Legion Post 139)

Ward Six:  9998 Highway 603 (BSL Fire Station No. 2)



Primary Elections
Party candidates are nominated through primary elections. A voter may vote in either party’s primary, and cast a ballot for that party’s nominees to the general election. If no candidate receives a majority of the votes in a primary, a run-off is held between the top two vote-getters. A voter who votes in the primary of one party may not “crossover” to vote in the run-off of another party. By law, primary elections are run by each political party’s county or municipal executive committee with oversight from the state party executive committees. Circuit and Municipal Clerks also provide support.

General Elections
Candidates are elected to office in general elections. The general election ballot contains the names of the party nominees, plus any independent or third party candidates who have qualified. For most elective offices, the candidate who receives the highest number of votes is elected. Offices in which candidates do not run in party primaries (most judicial offices, county election commissioner, some others) require a run-off if no candidate receives a majority vote in the general election. By law, general elections are run by county or municipal Election Commissioners with limited oversight from the State Board of Election Commissioners. Circuit and Municipal Clerks also provide support.

Voter Registration
You may register to vote either online, mail or by visiting the Circuit Clerk’s office or the Municipal Clerk’s office. You may also register to vote when applying for or renewing your driver’s license, or when applying for services at numerous state and federal government agencies.

Secretary of State
The Elections Division has many roles in assuring that Mississippians’ voices are heard clearly through the election process. These roles include training election officials, collecting campaign finance and lobbying reports, managing the statewide voter registry, collecting election returns and assisting local election officials in carrying out their election related responsibilities.

All material kept by the Secretary of State relating to elections in Mississippi is available to the public. The agency has consistently advocated increased public disclosure and transparency on the part of officials, candidates, and lobbyists. Maintaining open and accessible information is an effort in full disclosure.

For more information, visit:  www.sos.ms.gov.